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What FTP software do I need for uploading my files?

Download WS_FTP32 here – Win 9x/NT

How do I use WS FTP?

Host Name/Address: ftp.griban.com
UserID: yourdomain.com
Password: yourpassword

How do I get my page to load automatically?

You must name your main loading file “default.htm”. Be sure to name everything in lowercase, not “DEFAULT.HTM” . Also, this file must to located in your home directory, which is the first directory you see when accessing the web server via ftp.

How do I create sub-directories?

When making a sub directory you should use the make directory “MkDir” function key located on your FTP program. Open up that directory then place all files that need to go in there.

How do I update my web pages?

You can create and maintain your web pages, images, and scripts locally and upload them to the web server at your leisure via FTP. You can overwrite existing files or transfer a new file.

How do I publish my Current FrontPage Web?
  • Close all open pages in the FrontPage Editor.
  • Open up your local Website, located on your hard drive, with FrontPage Explorer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • In the FrontPage Explorer, click the ” Publish ” button located under File on the upper toolbar.The Publish FrontPage Web dialog box is displayed. In this dialog box, specify the Location or URL to which you want to publish the current FrontPage web. You need to be connected to the internet before you can publish to the World Wide Web.
  • In the Publish FrontPage Web dialog box, click OK.
    The FrontPage Explorer publishes the FrontPage web from your computer to the World Wide Web server you specified by typing in the domain name. After connection is established to the server a Name and Password Required box will appear. In this box you will type in your FTP username and password. Hit the OK button and your files will automatically be transferred to your directory.
  • What do I name my files?
    The starting point for a Web site is called the home page. It is the page that is retrieved and displayed by default when a user visits the Web site. The default home-page name for a server depends on the serverâs configuration. On many Web servers it is index.htm. Let FrontPage Explorer name your first page, which in this case will be default.htm. However, you can use index.htm, index.html, default.html, or default.asp if you prefer. All other pages that follow can be named whatever you choose.
    If you are creating a page on cars then you will let FrontPage Explorer generate the name of the home page or first page for you which would be default.htm. If the next page you generate has to do with Ford Motors then you might want to name the second page fordmotor.htm. Do you see the pattern?
  • Which FrontPage publisher should I use to publish my files?
    FrontPage 2000.
    Incoming Mail server: yourweb.com
    Outgoing Mail server: yourweb.com
    FTP Server: ftp.griban.com

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