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Writing Workshop for Business Professionals

Includes grammar, writing for advertising, journalism, report writing and composition for various kinds of correspondence. Instructor Rise Jane Samra, Ph.D. – Professor of Communication Studies at Barry University specializes in public speaking and writing techniques and public relations. The focus of her research is the rhetorical analysis of public discourse and public relations campaigns. In addition to her university teaching, she has consulted extensively for business and industry. She earned her M. A. in Speech Communication from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Arizona.

Time Management

This program is designed to help participants learn how to manage busy schedules, including “things to do,” lists in ways that not only get the job done, but free up time to pro-actively pursue short-term objectives and long-range life goals. Participants will learn how to create rewarding life opportunities through the systematic and effective management of their time.

Customer Service/Telephone Skills

he person who answers the telephone gives the first impression that a customer has of your business. Good customer service is a direct result of having energetic, productive people in customer contact positions. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between employee motivation and customer satisfaction. By creating a cycle of success utilizing personal development and training activities, employee productivity and morale will increase.

Speaking for Success / All Levels of Public Speaking / Four 2-hour sessions

Business and service personnel are better able to communicate ideas and projects when they possess the necessary information and skills to arrange, conduct and speak at a company meeting or when giving a general presentation to employees, outside customers, or vendors. This workshop teaches speaking and meeting skills that serve to lower the fears and apprehensions associated with speaking before groups. Information for making the meeting atmosphere more relaxed, enjoyable and productive for all attendees will also be provided.

Executive Business Communications –Writing and Grammar are Still Important

People in business are required to organize and convey ideas, events, and transactions on paper rapidly and concisely. Most of us dislike writing business letters or reports. However, effective writing is a learned skill that you can continuously improve. In this action-oriented workshop you will develop and polish your writing style and learn to capture your thoughts more quickly and easily.

Also included, Diversity in Communication:

  • Prejudice: what it is and where it comes from
  • The primary problem: identifying the usual indicators
  • Understanding behavioral styles; identifying differences and similarities

Leadership and Supervision

The role of a supervisor is to direct people to perform to their maximum potential. The supervisor’s job is to teach and demonstrate, coach and listen, correct and praise, predict and accomplish. No two supervisors will perform alike. This workshop covers the basic supervisory skills necessary for people in management today and into the new millennium. It will also provide you with the necessary communication skills for a diverse workforce.

Embracing and Resolving Conflict

Conflict resolution is cooperative problem solving to help individuals and groups identify their interests and find solutions that satisfy those interests. A fundamental concept of conflict resolution is that the individuals with the dispute solve the problem themselves. This seminar will provide the necessary skills to embrace and resolve conflict.

How to Say Anything to Anyone Anywhere at Anytime

This program is for anyone who wants to improve his or her communication skills–either at the podium , for television, radio, video or person-to-person. Each participant will receive a video copy of his/her workshop experience.

You will have a private interview with Iris Acker (This interview will assess your needs and personalize your learning experience.) Interviews will be scheduled prior to workshop.

You will learn:

  • How to “blow your own horn”
  • Surprise!! I can sell my product too!
  • Is that really how I look on camera?
  • Demonstrate you new skills with video taping.
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded and a final videotape.


  • Business Ethics
  • Stress Management
  • Human Resource Essentials