We specialize in computer Support, Repair, Networking, Virus Removal, Worm Removal and Web Hosting with our own servers in Miami. Our full Web Design and Development team is ready to serve you. We service Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach & the Monroe (the keys) Counties.

Our organization’s central service is providing quality networking services and support at highly competitive prices. We support the entire family of Microsoft Server products with a focus on Microsoft’s NT/2000/2003 Server and Exchange 2000/2003 Server. We also support LINUX, NOVELL, SGI, DOS, APPLE, and Multi-Platform systems.
DavTeks Services’s migration, integration, update and administration services include: planning and system design, installation and deployment, relocation and business expansion, project management and documentation, on-site and remote technical support and troubleshooting, help desk services, expert security consulting, and turn-key outsourcing.

Don’t settle for less! Don’t pay for more!

Free Network Assessment

Do you wish to know where network problems might arise at a in the future and how to avoid them? Would you like to know how to prevent unauthorized access to your network? Contact us today to schedule a FREE assessment of your network, and learn more about our Support Plans, which improves your network’s reliability at a greatly reduced cost.

Network Troubleshooting

No matter what the Network Operating System, Linux, Unix, Windows, Apple or Novell, a senior level Davteks Enterprises Network Engineer will efficiently trouble-shoot your network problems. We solve problems in hours that other techs have been unable to solve in days. Some of the common issues we regularly solve:

  • “Slow” networking performance
  • Non-functioning or “not-starting” Servers
  • Malfunctioning firewalls and routers
  • Exchange Server errors and malfunctions
  • Faulty and/or poor data cabling
  • Troublesome workstations that are “unable to logon”
  • Incorrect IP routing and DNS resolution issues
  • Data Recovery and Restore problems

After identifying and isolating the problem(s) we will quickly remedy the problem and return your network to smooth operation even if we have to work at night or on the weekend.

Network Installation and Support

Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly. Knowing the correct settings for today’s advanced server applications is simply a matter of experience. The ramifications of an incorrectly installed network or software program can result in costly budget overruns and operational downtime. Davteks Enterprises has years of experience and a diversified team upon which to draw, so you can rest assured that your network will be more then just “working”, but also configured for maximum security and optimized for peak performance.

Davteks Enterprises will also document the critical aspects of your network and make that information accessible.

Proactive Network Administration

Active management of your network, as opposed to waiting for it to breakdown, increases its reliability and your productivity. There are a few key areas that should be regularly maintained in order to ensure the safety and reliability of your network:

  1. Data Backup and Verification
  2. Antivirus Software Updates and Monitoring
  3. Microsoft and Application Updates
  4. Hardware Condition
  5. Firewall Integrity

For as little as two hours per weekDavteks Enterprises can manage these critical tasks for you, allowing you to do what you do best, focus on your business.

Remote Network Monitoring

If your server crashes or your network is “down”, rapid resolution is critical. Server issues often affect every user on your network. You cannot afford to wait until tomorrow or the next day for an answer. Sky Computer Services LLC has the ability to access your server from a remote location and provide fast, efficient support in minutes, not days. If required, Sky Computer Services can dispatch a technician in just a couple of hours, seven days a week.

Network Security Services

  • Internet security and monitoring (firewall and web filtering)
  • Implementation of Network Topology & IP Infrastructure Engineering
  • Router, Switch and Firewall trouble-shooting including Cisco Products